Visual identity of the youth organization Young Folks

Young Folks is a youth organisation in Latvia which consists of more than twenty sub-organisations created and managed by youngsters and kids

My aim was to re-think the mainstream attention economy that is driven by expensive graphic design services, and to democratise graphic design tools. I have created a design infrastructure that empowers all the NGO participants to do all the graphics themselves, regardless of their age and previous experience in graphic design.

During some co-creation workshops, I thought them some digital tools to help put together the visuals, as well as approaches to make simple illustrations with paper and scissors and how to digitalise them. The kids have started an illustration library for the internal use.

Btw, all the visuals in the next image are made by youngsters from different clubs of the Young Folks organisation. Throughout the time the visual identity transforms and gains more personality as a result of co-design.

This work was awarded by the National Design Award of Latvia 2023