Visual identity for Latvian Pavilion at 59th Latvian Pavilion 59th International Art Exhibition — Biennale Di Venezia

Skuja Braden, an international artistic collaboration, born in 1999, between Ingūna Skuja from Latvia and Melissa D. Braden from California, USA presents a multilayered installation that maps the mental, physical, and spiritual areas within the artists’ home. The ideals and affiliations of its inhabitants are revealed, and insight is offered into different readings of the history of a region to test the readiness of its society to live up to the challenges of the present day. In the exhibition, home is echoed by images in porcelain, a material which Skuja Braden has mastered superbly. Their porcelain comes to life in everyday objects, fountains, bendy hoses, and different bodies.

The visual identity that reflects metaphors of merging together, public/private space, and the flow of a river. The dominant visual element — eyes that appears from sand-like water, is a common motif in Skuja Braden work and therefore, in the pavilion.


Artists: Skuja Braden (Ingūna Skuja and Melissa D. Braden)
Curators: Andra Silapētere un Solvita Krese (LLMC)
Architect: Līva Kreislere
Graphic designer: Rūta Jumīte
Art handlers: Aleksejs Beļeckis and Pauls Jēgers
Commissioner: Solvita Krese
Producer: Kitija Vasiļjeva
Communication strategy: Copywriter/Levelup (Olga Procevska, Igors Gubenko, Jakaterina Firjane)
Communication: Sofija Anna Kozlova

Photos: Aleksejs Beļeckis