Branding and graphics for one of the most inspirational events in Riga in 2020

In many cities, most central streets serve transportation and businesses, rather than inhabitants’ personal well-being

Even in a built environment, we can always rethink and transform the functionality and purpose of space. Nowadays, when we have to consider sustainability issues in all contexts, we can address degrowth ideas also in the context of a street. How can we transform a public space that doesn’t benefit only economic growth but also other aspects of peoples’ well-being, such as community, social, and physical health?

Terbata Summer street was a one-week long experiment held in the centre of Riga City in the summer of 2020. For the whole month, one of the central streets in Riga was dedicated to pedestrians only. Terbatas street had become the most vivid and lively space in the city. Many inspiring events were held, from educational seminars to concerts, stand-up comedy, and more. 

The street, which used to have daily car traffic and only a few trees on its sides, was now turned into one of the greenest areas. Many green oases with trees, bushes and seats were created for city guests and locals to take restful breaks. As a result, not only peoples’ overall happiness increased but also the air and noise pollution reduced.

Since our main goal was to increase peoples’ happiness, the graphic language was designed to spark joy, inspire people, 

and encourage them to pause in their daily rush. The visual elements were inspired by all but happiness and joy — sun rays, candies, and circus. The shop windows on the street were filled with visually running poetry lines that created a feeling of street-long playfulness.