Visual system, branding and exposition design for the fund Viegli

Created while working in brand design studio Overpriced in collaboration with Aigars Mamis and Evija Krištopane.

Work has been shortlisted in Design Award of Latvia 2019

“Viegli” is a foundation that facilitates many educational and cultural initiatives for youth and adults. The foundation aims to motivate people to learn new things, develop their creativity, generate new ideas, and gain a fresh perspective on Latvian cultural and natural heritage.

The foundation was created based on the ideas of the poet Imants Ziedonis, who is one of the most significant thinkers and political activists of all time. He always encouraged people to critical thinking and endless creation. 

The visual identity combines different foundation initiatives (interactive library, educational activities, concerts, radio, museum). It reflects the ideas of Imants Ziedonis in a modern way that appeals to the youth too. 

The idea behind the visual concept is based on a vertical as a symbol of striving for spiritual and intellectual values. The visual concept is displayed attractively in all brand communication materials by playing with graphical element placement and vertically arranging them. 

The exposition is designed as a non-traditional infographic as a non-linear timeline. It is interactive, physically inviting, and encourages a visitor to explore it.