Starting retail activism by establishing a sex toy brand

It is not a secret that exploring, understanding and fulfilling one’s sexuality is an important aspect of personal well-being, psychological health, and happiness. In a world where industries are mostly male-dominated, females’ sexual pleasure is still taboo.

Even if there is progress in opening up discussion about females’ sexuality since the 70s, many women still feel ashamed to speak openly about masturbation, self-exploration, their likes, dislikes, and fantasies. 

By starting a sex toy brand, I want to address these issues, break taboos, and encourage open discussions about female pleasure. Tickle Toys is more than a conventional enterprise, it is a part of the retail activism movement that was started in 70ies by female entrepreneurs.

With the brand, we want to go even beyond feminist statements and explore how to achieve inclusion of all genders in the conversation. It is about all humans as sexual beings with equal opportunities to explore, express themselves, access liberating knowledge, and have an open discussion about it. 

We were not born with a manual about our sexuality and pleasure, therefore it is instead an ongoing process of self-exploration

We position vibrator as not just an electronic device, but even a symbol of a liberated human being that freely explores and expresses themselves. The brand also takes the role of educator and conversation starter throughout all its communication channels. 

Sex seen as a mutually responsible and equal process despite gender can lead to a world of happier families, individuals, and no rape or harassment. This world would be possible only if women could explore their pleasure and freely communicate their desires and dislikes.