Art direction, design and layout for “Kuldīga. Raksti” book

“Kuldīga. Raksti.” book speaks about the historical town in Latvia — Kuldīga, its significant places, events, important persons throughout centuries.

Book design is based on an interpretation of the historical visual language of the town. Inspired by ancient decorative elements within architecture, interior, and design, a new visual language has been created. The book layout is based on a unique and irregular grid inspired by some ancient doors in Kuldīga. The grid has created rules and restrictions that define the placement of all visual elements — text, illustrations, photographs and graphic shapes. The dominant red color is inspired by the traditional rooftop tiles’ color characteristic of the town.

The book authors are Artis Gustovskis, Agris Dzenis, Daina Tāfelberga un Antra Grīnberga. Art direction, graphic design and layout by me, Rūta Jumīte.